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Do you have a new puppy? Have you recently adopted a rescue dog? Are you having struggles with your adolescent or adult dog?

We offer group and 1-2-1 training packages delivering our Skills4Life programme. 

In our progressive Skills 4 Life programme you will learn how to teach and develop all the important skills your puppy or adult dog requires to be a happy, confident and well mannered companion.









Welcome to Callimuir Canines!

I am Carrie Harrold and I provide dog training services in the Aberdeen area. I am APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) qualified and following assessment I have been awarded membership of the APDT. I have also studied The Canine Mind  and Dogwise with COAPE (Centre of Applied Pet Ethology). As a dog trainer, I use fair and effective training approaches and I am committed to providing quality training for pet dog owners. I achieve this through flexible training plans, accommodating your needs and commitments, and having an ongoing support system in place for those who wish or need this.


Find out more about me and my approach to training here: 


Skills4Life Puppy Foundation

The Skills4Life Puppy Foundations programme is an 8 week programme teaching you all the skills and exercises you need to ensure your  puppy becomes a happy, confident and well mannered adult dog.


Skills4Life Solo

The Skills4Life solo programme covers all the skills and exercises covered in the foundation course but is done on a 1-2-1 basis at your home. Ideal for adult dogs or owners of puppy's who cannot commit to regular weekly classes.

Skills4Life Advanced

The Skills4Life Advanced programme is an 8 week programme following on from the foundations class. Ideal for those who want to further their training,  advance their skills, or those  keen to continue the fun from the foundations programme.



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